At Andian Technologies, we work with the customer to deliver custom solutions to best suit their needs. We are an industry leader in designing, building and testing new ideas suggested by our customers.


Hardware - Our hardware options include outfitting trucks with grab-handles, exterior lights and accessories, roof racks and backup sirens, to name just a few. We will also work with you to design custom cab configurations. Whether you are looking for a laptop/monitor mount or any other customizable option, we will work hard to meet and exceed your needs. Andian Technologies utilizes innovative thinking to design and build many specialized consoles and false floors which incorporate functionality, ergonomics and rugged construction.

Software - Our software team will work with you to create solutions to enhance the user experience of our suite of software, whether it be an add-on feature such as automatic reverse detection or a tie-count module, we will devise a user-friendly and efficient way to implement and supplement our software with it. Oftentimes, customer suggestions will make their way into our software as a permanent add-on or a spin-off product and, as such, we welcome all feedback.

Whether it is a specific layout of the truck you want or special features added to your software, we will do our best to accommodate.

Contact us to enquire about customization.

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