Vehicle Platforms

Andian Technologies utilizes a variety of different vehicle platforms to implement our industry-leading inspection equipment and software. Our best selling products are the hi-rail units. We have commissioned many of our SolidTrack systems on narrow, wide and standard gauge hi-rails.

Vehicle Platforms

Hi-Rail Units

Our hi-rail units fill a much needed gap missing in today's rail inspection between walking and geometry cars. Because hi-rails are so portable, you have the ability to get on and off track and maneuver around scheduled trains. Hi-rail geometry units have very low operational and maintenance costs and can be used to quickly gather information. Hi-rail geometry units can also be used as first responder vehicles to inspect and ensure that the track is safe to use in case of a natural disaster. Hi-rail units can support both laser and mechanical gauges.

Standard gauge vehicles GMC Suburban/Yukon XL (left) and Ford F350 Super Duty (right) outfitted with mechanical gauges and optional accessories package

Narrow gauge vehicle (left) and a standard gauge vehicle (right) equipped with mechanical gauges and the SolidTrack system

Portable Cart

The Andian portable cart is equipped with laser gauge and LIM height detection lasers as well as the full SolidTrack System. The unit can be attached to any railbound vehicle and propelled along track to collect geometry.

Pictured on heavy haul rail attached to a hi-rail unit (left) and attached to a rail bound track maintenance vehicle on the Skytrain (right)

Rail Bound

Because our system is so compact and versatile, it can easily be adapted to a revenue train bogie or other rail-bound platforms. Pairing this platform with our Autonomous Geometry System allows the ability to perform geometry testing without human intervention and with the convenience of not having to schedule a shutdown to perform testing.

These are just a few platforms our products could be utilized on. Andian Technologies welcomes new ideas and will work with you to find a solution that makes sense.

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