Andian's Solutions will allow you to eliminate disruptions and delays from track geometry defects by providing the necessary tools for track inspectors to find and resolve track geometry issues before they arise.

  • Identify immediate track geometry defects in real-time
  • Understand track asset states over time and plan future maintenance
  • Analyze changes in conditions for any track segment
  • Increase comprehensive testing and frequency at nominal maintenance costs

SolidTrack Program

What is SolidTrack?

SolidTrack is a program used to collect high resolution geometry data and to interact with the geometry measurement system. It detects defects and marks the mileage and GPS coordinates. SolidTrack also has a live data comparison mode which automatically aligns previous data with current readings, allowing the user to observe changes in geometry and provides the ability to verify that previous defects have been remedied.

Screenshots of SolidTrack


YardMaster is an add-on for SolidTrack which enables data collection in reverse and reduces the need to double back on yard tracks. Reduce track blackout and engineer resources with SolidTrack's YardMaster testing solution.

YardMaster works with any testing vehicle and can be run in either direction to provide in-depth reports on all geometry yard segments. YardMaster allows track inspectors and supervisors to reduce testing by up to 50% while streamlining the review and analysis of tested areas.

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