GeoPrint is a reporting application that analyzes SolidTrack data as an interactive visual graph. With an intuitive interface, users can visually identify and analyze defects directly on the graph. Additional features include the ability to identify specific railway assets including bridges, tunnels, and culverts as well as reading operator comments and auto aligning of comparison data. GeoPrint can generate summarized reports and export data into waypoint, CSV and KML files.


Make Quick and Informed Decisions on Track Geometry

Andian Technologies' GeoPrint is a powerful interactive tool for the measurement, reporting, data analysis and comparison of geometry data. GeoPrint reporting summarizes daily track geometry data so that operators can make maintenance decisions quickly and effectively.

Core Business and Economic Benefits:

  • Quickly visualize large volumes of track geometry data graphically
  • Detect, identify and highlight exact defects graphically
  • Detect deviations and patterns by overlaying previous track data
  • Focus maintenance resources on the exact locations of defects

  • Waypoint files can be used in GPS units or with Andian Defect Finder
  • CSV files can be opened in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for data manipulation
  • KML files can be opened with Google Earth to act as a visual aid in defect/feature locating

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