What is DefectFinder?

DefectFinder displays geometry strip chart data of the area you are evaluating and the distances to all defects and loaded waypoints. It provides in-depth data, alerts, and user comments to allow engineers to assess defects, railway assets and information about a specific geographical location or area of track.


Pinpoint Defects at their Exact Location

Andian Technologies' DefectFinder is a GPS tracking application that allows maintenance crews and track inspectors to locate the exact geographic position of track geometry defects previously recorded by SolidTrack. DefectFinder guides maintenance crews and inspectors to the exact location of track geometry defects while providing specific details and information about the surrounding area, such as the location of bridges and tunnels.

Core Business and Economic Benefits:

  • Locate and streamline maintenance of track geometry defects
  • Provide engineers with specific information directly at the location of the defect
  • Reduce the time to locate track defects and specific areas of interest

Defect Finder simplifies track maintenance

Operators will easily be able to identify track defects and take down exact geographical locations on a hand-held tablet

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