At Andian technologies, solutions augment inspections for transit systems, heavy haul, industrial, regional and shortline railroads. This allows organizations to significantly reduce maintenance costs by providing operators and track inspectors with the ability to find track defects before they become major safety issues.

Products Overview

Identify Track Geometry Defects Before They Happen

Andian Technologies' Solutions will allow you to eliminate disruptions and delays from track geometry defects by providing the necessary tools for track inspectors to find and resolve track geometry issues before they arise.

  • Identify immediate track geometry defects in real time
  • Understand track asset states over time and plan future maintenance
  • Analyze changes in conditions for any track segment
  • Increase comprehensive testing and frequency at nominal interest rates

SolidTrack system in use on track (left) and an image via Google Earth of an inspected track (right)

All hardware and software Intellectual Property (IP) relating to the SolidTrack track geometry measurement system (SolidTrack TGMS) and SolidTrack Track Health Monitoring Systems (known collectively as “Equipment”) is the sole property of Andian Technologies Ltd. and is covered under the following patents:
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