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Customer Feedback

As you know, I am a great fan of Solid Track as it has helped me immensely at HBR and BC Rail. The system is fantastic and has provided me with the ability not only to manage dangerous situations (warp 31 being the most difficult to defect to detect manually), but also provided me with the necessary data to quickly target the areas in greatest need. The ability to gather so much information in a short period of time also ensured that the funds available were put into the areas of most need. In short, SolidTrack gives me the ability to target critical areas, ensuring that funds are spent effectively, as well as providing the ability for future planning. It's a great system and, if used correctly, will provide the necessary data, not only to maintain a safe railway, but to also plan for the future by ensuring the railway is kept safe.

Tony Simoes

VP Engineering, Canada

Norfolk Southern Railroad purchased a Hi-Rail SolidTrack-based track vehicle over a year ago. I have been the primary operator during that time and the support staff at Andian Technologies LTD. has been outstanding. When the NS Research and Tests Department took delivery of the newly outfitted vehicle, Andian provided onsite training - it was superb. I literally felt like an expert when Andian completed the hands on training. The Andian staff was willing to work with us until we fully understood the SolidTrack system's capabilities and could demonstrate our proficiency operating the system. Since the initial training, we have at times requested detailed help with different aspects of the Andian truck and applications; they have always been happy to help, been very responsive to our needs, and quick to respond. The employees at Andian go above and beyond to help no matter how trivial the question I have may seem.

Michael M. Hedrick

Senior Engineering Technician,

Research and Tests Department

BC Rail has 1441 main track miles running north-south in British Columbia. Much of the northern branchline grades are geotechnically sensitive. They are subject to freeze / thaw subsidence due to poor ground / surface water drainage and local collapse from inadequate bearing capacity for 100 ton car loadings. Our Roadmasters have found the SolidTrack devices to be an accurate and effective means of monitoring seasonal changes in the track geometry and ensuring that safety standards are met.

Norman E. Hooper, P. Eng

Chief Engineer,

BC Rail

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