Pushing the Boundaries of Innovation

Our team of software designers, engineers, physicists, electronics specialists, hardware designers and support staff are committed to one thing - reducing the number of accidents and derailments caused by track geometry defects. At Andian Technologies, our team is dedicated to delivering industry-leading solutions, client support and training.

Andian Technologies holds many patents for their unique designs and concepts. We will continue to harness our knowledge to help shape the future of rail safety technology.


LIM Height Detection

A client approached us to utilize our expertise to design, build, test and manufacture an instrument which could accurately measure the Linear Induction Motor Plates present on transit systems. By minimizing the gap and maintaining height consistency of the plates, you can improve the operating efficiency. We were able to mount this instrument onto a platform which was able to collect data with precision and high speed.


YardMaster is an add-on addition to SolidTrack which enables the collection of data while driving in reverse as well as creating a cumulative report for a yard. As most yards are hard to get track time on, it has been efficiently used to collect a lot of geometry data in a short amount of time.

Photo-logging with SolidTrack

Hi-res photos are taken every foot and tagged with GPS coordinates as well as geometry data. The playback can be seen using our GeoPrint. This tool will serve to quickly aid inspectors with what to look for before heading out on track.

Future Products

  • Crushed Rail Head Detection
  • Geometry Defect Predictor
  • Autonomous Geometry
  • Robotic Geometry
  • Rail Profiling

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