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Jun 7, 2013

We attended the Network Rail's (invite only) Track Renewals Plant and Innovation Show July 24 and 25. Andian was very excited to showcase our truck "Black Beauty" once again in England with the new laser gauge assembly. After recently participating in a well-received trade show in Münster, we are pleased to have been a successful part of yet another exhibition.

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Contract Services Offered Nationwide! - September 28, 2015

Andian Technologies now offers nationwide track geometry contract services in Canada and the United States through RailWorks. SolidTrack is the choice of Track Geometry Systems for RailWorks to provide light geometry testing for BNSF, Genesee & Wyoming railways and Saskatchewan Shortline railways.

RailWorks offers a complete track geometry measurement service which enables railways to quickly identify and repair defects. The real time data and same day reporting allow for railways to minimize track downtime and trains to run at optimum speeds. The end of day reports which include stripcharts, defect reports and KML data allow the customer to make informed decisions.

Contact us to learn more about track geometry contract services.

SolidTrack equipped RailWorks F350

SolidTrack equipped RailWorks Yukon XL

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